Payroll Solutions

What is Payroll?

Payroll is the process of a business paying their employees. Not only is payroll about wages, it’s purposes is to track all employee benefits such as leave entitlements, insurances and also deduct any federal and state Government taxes.

Is payroll required?

All business who employee staff are required to perform payroll throughout the year. 

It’s important that your business is undertaking the appropriate payroll process based on your business type, size and local laws and regulations

How does Payroll work?

There are many aspects to payroll to ensure that you are meeting legal obligations and that is why we recommend you hire a professional. The most common steps in the payroll process are:

  1. Calculate gross payments for each employee
  2. Pay superannuation.
  3. Withhold applicable federal and state taxes.
  4. Withhold post-tax deductions.
  5. Pay the net amount to your employee.
  6. Notify your employees and Australian Tax Office (ATO) of the amounts including deductions.
  7. Send withheld taxes and deductions to the rightful place.
  8. Keep secure records of the transactions.

Why choose us for your payroll?


Save Time

Outsourcing payroll allows you to spend time on other aspects of your business.

Reduce Costs

No need to pay for costly software and account for time to manage your payroll in-house.

Local Support

We are in Australia and being local means we can provide fast and easy support.


No need to understand payroll compliance laws and regulations as we take care of it.

Our Payroll Services

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Case Study

Spencer is a professional IT contractor who travels from Sydney to Canberra weekly for work.

Spencer travels to Canberra on Monday mornings and returns back to Sydney on Friday evenings to spend the weekend with family.


Current Situation

Spencer incurs substantial expenses related to accommodation costs in Canberra along with mortgage costs in Sydney.

Additional expenses such as food, travel, parking and other general accumulate each week. The employer (client) is paying Spencer on a monthly basis.


How we’d maximise Spencer’s payroll

  • Customised salary packaging, including a process to claim all standard work-related expenses and purchases of assets directly used for work purposes.
  • Efficient management of expenses and claiming reimbursements
  • Fully legal Tax-free travel allowances
  • Novated Leasing Arrangements for the car
  • Contractor Payroll Time cycle minimised to fortnightly instead of monthly for better cash flow.
  • Peace of mind with all relevant work insurances covered.
  • Complete Contractor Management Solutions at a very reasonable price
  • Extra income generated from was salary sacrificed in a nominated Super fund

Need help with your payroll?